Dental treatments can be root canal treatments and dental implants, there are also esthetic treatments

Many people have sensitive teeth from a young age and do not care
That's why it can be a problems on the future It is very important to take care of your teeth since childhood

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry or Hollywood smile It is about changing the shape of the teeth or improving them to get a brighter smile and it comes according to the person's condition and need we choose the best materials.

There is porcelain and it consists of two layers , metal layer and porcelain poudre , It is a very strong material as a result of its two-layer composition It is mostly used for patients who do not have teeth for people who lost their teeth and used dental implants ,The best crown that can be installed over implants is porcelain as a result of its durability . Of course, the patient can choose the shape of the smile and the color of the teeth there will be a rehearsal session before glued the teeth ( crown).

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium is one of the best cosmetic materials It comes through molds, where the doctor takes the patient's printer to achieve matching between the jaws after that, the dental impression is engraved on the molds in a very sophisticated and accurate way to achieve the desired tooth shape . After dental preparation we add a small layer under the crown made of porcelain powder to make the transparency below the tooth .

E-max crown

The difference between E-max crown and Zirconium crown that with the E-Max we can't see the crowns with the X-Ray pictures and vice versa for zirconium we can see the crowns.
E-Max crowns İt consists of porcelain powder for this reason it is transparent .


Veneers are used for people with straight teeth and when the jaws are closed, there is a match ,because it is a Veneer that sticks to the tooth from the front side and with this material we don’t need to shave the teeth like the crowns . People used for make the smile shining .

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