Breast operation can be augmentation , reduction or lifting, scroll to discover more about atraxia Breast operations.

Breast esthetic surgery is very common in women in the recent period and Breast surgery varies from person to person according to the patient's complaint and can be also for man not only women and we name it gynecomastia.

Discover our Breast operations

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation can be done through two methods by silicon or fat injection According to the patient's condition and need, we decide .
It is considered a surgical operation, the patient needs general anesthesia . The duration of the operation does not exceed two hours if we adopt silicone,First we choose the size and shape of the silicone with the patient According to the patient's body and the shape he wants, we determine the method , The silicone can be round or teardrop shaped ... etc, also the size .
it is a cosmetic surgery meaning there will be no effects of injury or side effects on the patient's health
After the operation, the patient will stay a night in the hospital To make sure her safety and second day can back to the Hotel normally.
patient need to wear a corset during 1 month after the operation.
To enable the chest to take its normal size and shape.
After 1 month patient back to a normal life

Breast reduction

Here is an operation to reduce the size of the breast. We also do it by remove excess skin if it is flabby.
Is a procedure used to remove fat also from the breast.
The duration of the operation is short , come on by general anesthesia, there will be no side effects .

Breast lifting

If the patient need a breast lifting and it’s a plastic surgery to change the shape of the breast and the steps of the operation is first Anesthesia, second step is the incision and there is three common incision ( Around the areola, around the areola and vertically down from the areola , around the areola and vertical from the breast and horizontally along the breast ) ... step 3 of the operation is Reshaping the breast and than closing the incision . Like this the operation is done

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