Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck is A surgery under general anesthesia, The goal is to get rid of excess skin.

Tummy tuck surgery in general done in combination with other operation like liposuction for have a perfect body because when we remove fat, the skin becomes saggy This is why we resort to a tummy tuck .
Skin tightening can be on the abdomen, hands or legs ... after the consultation doctor decide the best for the patients

What is Abdominoplasty ?

Abdominoplasty and its steps with Atraxia

the abdominoplasty commonly referred to as a Tummy Tuck is a procedure to reduce skin and fat from the place full of fat .
Patient need to stay 2 nights at the hospital after the operation after that can back to the hotel normally need to wearing the corset for 1 month after surgery and We need to be careful when walking, we should not pull our back immediately after the operation and we must do a massage for the abdominal area if it is the Tummy tuck on that area .
you need 1 week in istanbul
2 days before the go back you will need a check up session.
after that you can travel normally and our medical team will follow you when you back home and answer all your questions after the surgery

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