Hair transplant

FUE hair transplant Istanbul is the best option for hair restoration if you don’t want extreme scarring; it restores your hairline and can significantly improve your confidence.

A hair transplant is a procedure in which a plastic or dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The surgeon moves hair from the back or sides of the head to the front or top of the head. which moves hair from one place to another on your head. To be a good candidate, you'll need to have thicker areas of hair on your head a good donor area.
There is many techniques for Hair transplant but the way of extraction of the grafts is the same with all the techniques .

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Hair Transplant Techniques

Cutting edge techniques practiced
by Turkey’s biggest experts for the best results


Follicular unit extraction The follicles extracted are genetically resistant to hair loss, so, once they are transplanted, they will grow in the same way as the rest of your hair, and they will remain there forever.
The FUE technique also allows us to choose the ideal units to "fill in the balde area. To achieve this, we separate the follicles with one, two, three, or more hairs, and we transplant them according to each patient's specific needs.

For this stage of the procedure, we use a “punch," a millimetric tool that serves as a cylindrical micro-scalpel .75 to .90 mm in diameter, employed depending on the patient's hair's diameter. First, we separate the follicles from the scalp with the “punch," and then, we remove them with the help of medical tweezers. This step requires great skill and experience from the medical team.
Because the procedure does take some time, we allow the patient to take a snack break once the extraction phase is over.

Before we move forward with this phase, we apply anaesthesia on the transplant site. The surgery assistants will place the follicles inside the "implanters” This is the stage of the procedure where the surgeon will demonstrate just how skilled they are, since they will have to match the design drawn up previously, and also insert the follicles according to the number of hairs, growth direction, and sloping. Once all the follicular units are transplanted, the surgical procedure will have come to an end.


The sapphire Blade is more advantageous comparing with the steel blades. The steel blades may lose their sharpness and this may causa tissue loss. However since the sapphire is a durable and crystal with smooth surface that does not lose sharpness, it does not cause any tissue loss or traumas. The sapphire blades are antibacterial and do not disrupt the blood circulation,
It is very important that the follicles transplanted to be anchored in order to obtain a successful and natural result. Since the channels opened by the sapphire blades do not disrupt the blood circulation and the quality of the tissue, the follicles are anchored in a better way to their new places. Since the sapphire blades permits to open channels in micro level the recovery period after the operation is seriously shortened.
Sapphire blade is the name of the special blades used in the stage of "channel openning" that has the potential of effecting directly the result of the hair transplantation. As the name suggests these sapphire blades totally made from sapphire, were obtained as the results of the studies that were realized in order to be able to provide more developed technology in the consequence of intense interest for the hair transplantation operation. The studies that were realized to have the perfection, and to provide comfort to the patients during the operation and recovery period formed a basis to innovations in the field of hair transplantation.
Sapphire tips, which are the latest technology products used in Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, provide more aesthetic and healthy results than steel tips. Since the channels opened with a sapphire pen are much smaller and smoother, less tissue damage is experienced in this method
compared to other hair transplantation techniques. Thus, after the application, the tissues heal quickly without leaving any visible scars.


DHI, which stands for DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION Men and women spend millions of pounds every year to look more attractive outside, and one of the most severe issues faced mostly by men is hair loss and baldness, even at a very young age.
this technique of Hair transplant we used more for women without shaving. With this new procedure, the hair follicles are removed from the donor area one by one and then inserted directly or with a slight delay in the receiving area. As a result, the longevity and growth of the hair follicle is increased, while the time spent outside the patient's skin is greatly reduced.

To introduce this new approach, methods are used that are significantly smaller in diameter (less than 0.08 mm) than those traditionally used. So the number of density will be hight without damaging the existing hair

Beard & Eyebrow Transplant

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Beard transplantation is a procedure for people who are not satisfied with their beard. The solution for mustache and beard deficiency is found due to the development of the Sapphire hair transplant method or DHI. Therefore the interest for beard transplant is growing.

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Many patients are interested in transplants as a way to reinvigorate the growth of eyebrow hair that has been significantly altered after years of plucking for get more density and a good form.

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